NEENT Allergy Department Insurance Verification Codes and Questions

Allergy Skin Prick Testing for Foods and Initial Step of MQT (modified quantitative testing)

95004  per allergen

Allergy MQT Intradermal Testing

95024  per allergen

Allergy Patch Testing

95044  Patch Test Application

99211  Patch Test (reading by nurse)

99213  Patch Test (reading by doctor)

Allergy Treatment Vials

95165  Single/Multiple Antigens

Allergy Injections

95115  Single Injection

95117  Two or more injections

Questions to ask your Insurer(s):

  • Are there any waiting periods or pre-existing clauses?
  • Do I need a Pre-Cert?
  • Do I have any deductibles?
  • Do I have any co-payments?
  • Do I need a referral from my PCP?
  • What is the effective date?
  • What percentage of my testing is covered?
  • Do I have coverage for allergy serum and injections?
  • Review all of the above codes with them