Sandra McGinley, MS, CCC-A

Sandra McGinley MS

Sandi has worked at NE ENT since 1998, where she performs comprehensive audiological testing on adults and children. She attended Bloomsburg University, where she received a BS in communication disorders and an MS in audiology. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as well as the American Academy of Audiology. As an audiologist, she uses audiometers, computers and other devices to test patients’ hearing ability and balance, determine the extent of hearing damage, and identify the underlying cause.

Audiologists measure the volume at which a person begins to hear sounds and the person’s ability to distinguish between sounds. Also, before determining treatment options, they evaluate psychological information to measure the impact of hearing loss on a patient. Treatment options vary, and may include cleaning wax out of ear canals, fitting and checking hearing aids, or recommending a cochlear implant evaluation.

The hearing aid brands we work most often with are:

  • Oticon®
  • Phonak®

We also offer assistive listening devices such as amplified phones, TV Ears® and swim plugs.

Sandi typically does the following:

  • Examines patients who have hearing, balance or related ear problems
  • Assesses the results of the examination and diagnoses the problems
  • Determines and administers treatment
  • Fits and dispenses hearing aids
  • Counsels patients and their families on ways to listen and communicate, such as by lip reading or through sign language
  • Sees patients regularly to check on hearing and balance and to continue or change the treatment plan
  • Keeps records on the progress of patients
  • Conducts research related to the causes of and treatments for hearing and balance disorders

Outside of work, Sandi enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband and 3 amazing children. She enjoys busy evenings and weekends attending her family’s many sports events, and also enjoy the outdoors.